NILA HORTON Licensed Professional Counselor L.P.C.

Nila has a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling. Her major focus is  marriage and couples counseling with an emphasis on  increasing communication skills through attentive listening, learning to  talk about facts and feelings (not perceptions) and clarification of  the desired outcome. By learning to clearly communicate, couples learns  to identify the issue, determine the emotional result, ask for what they  want and work towards a mutual solution.  

 Philosophy:  People come to me who seem stuck in a cyclical  pattern that creates pain and discomfort. This pattern may be a cycle of  hurtful and reduced confidence. My goal is to uncover the themes behind  the pattern. Once discovered new patterns can replace old ones.  

 Style: With Couples - Communication styles and effective  listening. Learning to get your needs met without the need to hurt  yourself or others.  With Individuals – I work through compassionate  listening with an emphasis on gaining a deeper understanding of the  perception of self, others and life events. Through gentle questioning I  attempt to open awareness of core values and thoughts. 

 Additional areas of expertise.  I am both a licensed nurse and licensed professional counselor having worked in areas of illness, injury and pain management.  

Affirmation: I believe everyone has the ability to heal. The  healing comes from within through awareness and willingness. Counseling  merely opens the door to the potential that was already there. 

Nila has additional experience and expertise with the following:

  • Substance abuse and dependency
  •     Trauma and PTSD
  •     Depression
  •     Anxiety
  •     Chronic pain and pain management
  •     EMDR

 We are the master of our minds, what we can think we can understand, what we understand we are no longer afraid of.. 

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